Cool Websites That I Like A Lot

These are some of the websites that i love! Freshly picked from my Online-Garden-O-Websites-In-My-Digital-Backyard!

Homestar Runner!

If you didn't know, Homestar Runner is a silly little website where you can watch
little cartoons and play some games! While you're there, I reccomend watchig their SBEmails.

Glitter Photo Editor!

A website where you can edit photos to put glitter on 'em! Super awesome!

A website where you can get lots of cool cursors for your website or even for your computer in general!

Gif Maker/Editor!

A website where you can edit or make gifs!

Glitter Text Maker!

Another glittery-type website! Instead of editing images, you can make text!

Not Exactly Sure What This Thingy Is Called!

A random Japanese rhythm game I found while playin' around on the internet! Pretty fun, not gonna lie!

Petpet Gif Maker!

A cool little gif maker! I think I've used this a little too much..

Silly Little Gif Maker 2!

Another little gif maker I found! These ones are silly to me ^_^

Nyan Cat